Events Security And Crowd Controlling

Putting crowd controls in place

The true success of any event relies heavily upon constructive risk prevention, as well as efficient crowd management. Apex Event Services has been renting the barricades, water barriers, police barriers, temporary fencing, heras fencing, mojo barricades rental for decades. We’re constantly up-to-date on cutting-edge expansions, industry best practice and the latest rules, enabling us to deliver premier crowd controlling services in UAE. 

Mojo Barricade in UAE

Ensure facility security and bystander safety with Mojo crowd control barricades, exclusively offered by Apex Event Services. Unlike traditional barriers, our Mojo Barriers feature a durable and highly crash-resistant see-through Polycarbonate upper, providing both effectiveness and visibility. With our commitment to professionalism and years of experience, trust Apex Event Services to deliver high-quality yet affordable crowd control solutions for your events.

Police Barrier in UAE

Introducing our temporary barrier systems designed to enhance security at various locations while effectively managing pedestrian traffic within venues. Crafted from durable steel, our police barriers feature angled feet for added strength and effortless assembly. They’re ideal for low to medium crowd control and come equipped with pedestrian access gates, available in a standard size of 2m in length and 1m in height.

Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Wind Resistance: Our barriers offer increased stability, ensuring they withstand windy conditions effectively.
  2. Branding Opportunities: Perfect for displaying branding, these barriers provide an excellent platform for promotional messaging or event branding.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Designed to prioritize safety, our barriers ensure the well-being of both participants and spectators during mass participation events.
  4. Surface Protection: Suitable for delicate surfaces, our barriers are gentle yet secure, preventing damage to sensitive areas.

Trust our police barriers to provide reliable security solutions while maintaining ease of use and versatility for diverse event requirements.

Picket Fence in UAE

  • For stress-free white vinyl picket fence rental in the UAE, Apex Event Services is your number one choice. Our fencing sheets/panels are quick to deliver and install, providing an economical solution in terms of overall costing for your event. Utilizing a highly sound exterior paint system ensures long-lasting durability and an impressive natural look.

Key Features:

  • No-ground strike, self-supporting
  • Resistant to high winds
  • Fast and easy to erect and recover



Heras Fencing in UAE

Apex Event Services, a premier supplier of Heras Fencing in the UAE, offers traditional fencing enhanced with rubber feet for improved aesthetics and ease of deployment. With large quantities of fence panels available for rent and quick turnaround times, our temporary fences provide a secure and convenient solution, simple to erect and re-position according to your needs.