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Grandstand Seating Services in UAE

Our award-winning Grandstands Seating Services in UAE are quick to install and designed for venues requiring substantial covered seating. We combine a range of roof systems, either designed specifically for your temporary, semi-permanent or permanent installation with a wide range of event seating. 

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Grandstands, Stadia and Arenas in UAE

The quality of Grandstand Seating seating solutions begins and ends with the quality of its design. Every Grandstand Seating product is made of the highest quality materials that are guaranteed for reliability. Apex Grandstand Seating provides full-electric, semi-electric and manual telescopic grandstand seating systems that are designed to be a tight envelope seating system with the highest quality standards in UAE.

Spectators can enjoy the programs comfortably when the Grandstand is pulled and extended into a shape of steps. When it is folded up, they may save room for any other activities as they like. It is widely used in stadiums, TV studios and all kinds of multi-functional activity places.